some useful links
The manufacturer’s website, offering an excellent starting point with the added joy of all the information available in Dutch should you need it.

Kids and Family Cycles
The Bournemouth-based company that supplied the vehicle that powers A Precious Cargo. Carolyn and Martin will be delighted to answer your questions, organise a test ride and deliver your bike, whichever bike (and there are lots) you might choose.

Bakfiets en Meer: cargobike FAQ
An English-language Dutch site that will surely offer answers to any questions that have not already been answered already, including why the Dutch think we’re all daft taking the wheel off to fix a puncture.

The cycling campaign for Oxford. Lobbying, promoting and musing on all things bike-related among the dreaming spires.

Prendas Ciclismo
The place to find the essential casquette to finish off your cycling outfit.

I Pay Road Tax
For the polite answers to the spittle-flecked questions shouted by van drivers who think that the road is entirely for their convenience.

Billed as “the complete guide to safe and enjoyable cycling”, this book by John Franklin is a very readable, very useful explanation of how you can be safe on the road on your bike and why you have the right to make sure you feel safe. Excellent both as introduction for less experienced riders and as a reminder for those who’ve been turning the gears for years.

London Green Cycles
London Green Cycles has recently opened its doors in, as you might expect, London and is dedicated to the sale and promotion of cargo bikes in all formats. Bakfiets are among the bikes on offer.


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