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A Precious Cargo is an attempt to answer a few of the many questions posed by people when they come across a Bakfiets cargo bike for the first time.

Having been using our bike every day since we got it in July 2012, we will try to offer some insight to the joys and problems of living with a ten-foot-long bike built for anything but speed.

The author of A Precious Cargo is Jonathan Ives. He is the principal of Quarry Communications, which provides editorial and copywriting services to clients in a range of business sectors, and is the editor of The Leisure Review.  You can find him on Twitter @jonny_ives  The precious cargo in question is called Eleanor.


5 thoughts on “about us

  1. Dear Jonathan,
    We have recently moved to West Oxford with our two kids (aged 3&1). We are keen cyclists and are interested in exploring the cargo bike option. I was wondering if you’d be willing to show us the bike sometime before we take the plunge and buy one?

    Thanks in advance and sorry to post this – not sure what your email address is.

  2. Hey Jonny,

    we have done a youtube video showing how the maxicosi works in our bakfiets. Here it is if you want to stick it in your links section 🙂


  3. Great articles. Just a question from another Bakfiets user (I have the tricycle in which I transport my 3 children), have you ever tried the Thames Path between Oxford and Abingdon? I am wondering if there are obstacles before I try and get stuck.

    • Can’t say I have. I did walk it a little while ago but I haven’t taken a bike on the Thames path before. Let us know how you get on if you decide to accept the challenge!

  4. Hello, I just did it! I cycled from Donnington bridge in Oxford along the thames path, followed it all the way to kennington, and from there followed the Sustrans 5 route without problems to Abingdon. There is one obstacle before Kennington, but you can bypass it by taking a gate on the left side and going over a bit of grass back to the path. I wouldn’t try it if there the Thames is flooded though, as there are some areas likely to be flooded. There is one part beyond Kennington where you have to go on the main road, with a bit of a hill. It was a very nice trip!

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